Mutant Zombie Addon

Mutant Zombie Addon for Minecraft PE will add mutant zombie boss into your game. He will really dangerous with 150 health, 14 damage atack and with many abilities such as smashing, summon his friends and other. Note that boss will have very valuable loot: Hulk Hammer. He will hate villagers and can destroy whole village. 

How you can spawn mutant zombie boss? 
you can try to find him in your Overworld, but he will spawn rarely. The most easy way is create creative mode and find his spawn egg in inventory. 

some screenshots from this addon you will find below

Download Mutant Zombie Addon for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: mutantzombie-resourcepack.mcpack [44.2 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: mutantzombie-behaviorpack.mcpack [32.85 Kb]

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