Decoration Furniture Addon

Decoration Furniture Addon for Minecraft PE will add different furniture for your house such as telephone, coffe maker, TV, computer, speakers, etc. You will be able upgrade your house with many new devices and furniture element, which will make your home more realistic and you will be feel there more comfortable. 

What will be added?

You want build your house, but you haven't enough items for this? This addon will provide sufficient new devices and furnitures to upgrade your house and realise your most original ideas. 

some screenshots from this mode with modern furniture you will find below

Download Furniture addon for Minecraft PE 1.14-1.16 +
DOWNLOAD: furniture-behavior-pack-v9.mcpack [32.65 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: furniture-resource-pack-v9.mcpack [910.72 Kb]
last version Minecraft BETA PE
last version Minecraft FULL PE 1.16.10

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