More TNT Add-on

More TNT addon for Minecraft PE will add many new different TNT such as dynamite, napalm, nuke, grenades, etc. With new items you will be able to have new experience in explosive homes, monsters, caves or many another staff. 

How does it function?
Every TNT has unique explosion and you can use it for different goals. For example Hydrogen bomb has not only huge explosion, but also radioactive effect. Napalm TNT will explode and cover the territory with fire. Another example can be C4 dynamic. Use detonator to make explosion. You can also use weapon missile launchers. There are 5 different one. Each of them has own power. 

how to get?
  • if you are playing in creative mode you can get TNT in your inventory
  • if you are playing in survival mode you can craft them as per below screenshot

  • addon adds over 20 bombs
  • each of the bomb will have unique effects

How to craft?

use recipe tab to craft
all screenshots with TNT you can see below

download More TNT Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: more-tnt.mcaddon [1.87 Mb]

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maya от 5 February 2021 02:51
i love your site!
T от 27 February 2021 22:16
I cant find the TNT 
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