Parachute Addon

Parachute addon for Minecraft PE will add parachute to the your world. You will be able to go down from rocks quickly and safety ( but also with a lot of fun! ) Parachutes will be in 4 different colors to choose: red, blue, yellow and green. Once you got parachute you should put it on head slot and it will be active.

How to get parachute? 
you need create new world with creative mode and find parachute in your inventory. Look at the screenshot below
How to fly with parachute?
just put parachute on your head slot while you will just from big hill or rock. It will safe your life.

Download Parachute Addon for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: parachute-addon.mcaddon [100.08 Kb]

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