DRAGONCRAFT Addon for Minecraft PE will add new creator End Dragon to your world. You will be able to tame him and ride as well. There will be 6 different dragons to your choose. New mobs will be spawned naturally and randomly around your world.

How to tame the dragon?
before ride the dragon you should tame him. Just come to wild dragon and feed him with apple meat.

how to ride dragon?
you need tame the dragon and jump on him. Take cane with a carrot and you can expedite the speed.

how to incubate the dragon?
If you will kill a dragon, it dropped dragon egg. You can incubate the egg if you will give 1 him 1 diamond. After it you will see that egg will shake and it takes some time to new small dragon will born.

Download DRAGONCRAFT Addon for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: dragoncraft-v3-behavior.mcpack [156.74 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: dragoncraft-v3-resource.mcpack [1.46 Mb]

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