Vanilla Twilight Addon

Vanilla Twilight Addon for Minecraft PE adds a lot new mobs into your game. The idea of new creatures will take from mythology. All creators will be spawned naturally around your world. Different mobs will be spawned in different places. For example mob Hagbat will spawn close to hills and The Villager Guards in villages. 

  • addon will add 23 new creators to your world
  • addon includes behavior and resource pack that you need install both

some of the mobs you will be able to see below. Note that this is not all mobs which will be added

Download Vanilla Twilight Addon for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: vanillatwilight-bp.mcpack [100.75 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: vanillatwilight-rp.mcpack [225.93 Kb]

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