Portal Gun Addon

Portal Gun Addon for Minecraft PE will add special weapon which creates portals. It will help you very quickly move around your world and make teleportation wherever you want. The idea of this gun was taken from popular computer game Portal. But if you even first time heart about this game, I recommend you to look though this addon.

How to get the gun?
at very beginning you should create the gun by crafting recipe below. I recommend to create new world with creative mode and get all ingredients for it.
How to start create the teleport?
when you created the portal gun you will be able to shoot from it. You will see that blue portal will appear. Then you need create orange portal. Make long press and orange portal will appear. 

Download portal gun for Minecraft PE 1.12
DOWNLOAD: portalgun-behavior-pack-1.mcpack [19.7 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: portalgun-resource-pack-1.mcpack [122.24 Kb]

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