Happy Family Addon

Happy Family Addon for Minecraft PE will give you possibility to have own family, girlfriend, boyfriend, children and even own pet. It is really cool idea, especially if you haven't many friend and get bored in the game.

you can use /function hf to get all items

New entities:
below on screenshots you will see boys and girls. Skins will be really cool and cute. 

Second features of this addon is a status
you can change the status on friend, husband, wife, etc.

How to get the friend?
you should take item phone and come closer to a person. Then you should tap give/ask phone number. You will get new friend.
You can ask her to cook 
you will be able to ask your wife to cook non cooced meet (Chicken, Beef, Mutton, Rabbit, Porkchop)

How to have a kid?
you need get married and then your wife in 1 hour will get pregnant and in another 1 hour will have a baby, in another one hour he became a toddler. 

you can also get new animal

download Happy Family Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13/1.14+
DOWNLOAD: 0hf-behavior-p1_13.mcpack [256.2 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: 0hf-resource-p1_13.mcpack [954.98 Kb]

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