yCreatures Add-on

yCreatures Add-on for Minecraft PE will add many new creatures into your game such as crab, koala, gorilla, seal, tiger, shark, etc. In sume you will see more than 100 new animals which will spawn around your world automatically and naturally. Each of mob will have amazing graphic and all of them are very detailed. Note that you can tame some of the mobs. With this addon you will have really interesting world very big diversity. 

  • more then 100 different mobs will be added with this addon
  • mobs will be very different such as fishes, birds, cats, etc

This addon is huge. You can bring massive diversification into your game. 

How to spawn?
all mobs will be spawn randomly around all your world. You can meet new mobs everywhere. Each of them will have own biome to spawn. Create new world with creative mode if you want to get spawn egg and create the mob quickly. 

I will not show you all of the mobs but some of them you will be able to find below

changelog v.3:
  • support 1.16 +

download yCreatures Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.16+

DOWNLOAD: ycreatures-origins-resource-v-3_0_10.mcpack [1.87 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: ycreatures-origins-behavior-v-3_0_10.mcpack [593.69 Kb]

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