Pterodactyl and Velociraptor Add-on

This addon for Minecraft PE will add two new mobs Pterodactyl and Velociraptor. They will be hostile not only torards you but also to each other. Once they see each other they will started to battle. In that moment you need to stay away from that battle because you can be also attacked. New mobs will be spawned randomly and naturally around the world and you can easily find them in your Overworld.

Note please that they can't be tamed (at least in this version the addon, maybe it will be fixed in future). 

some screenshots with two mobs you will see below

download Pterodactyl and Velociraptor Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: velo_v3_1592995825.mcaddon [821.91 Kb]
last version Minecraft BETA PE
last version Minecraft FULL PE 1.16.1

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