yDino Craft addon

yDino Craft adds 60 dinosaurs, biomes, structures, machines and ores. Some of dinosaurs can be mount and all of them can be tamed. There are some dinosaurs which hate another dinosaurs and they will fight with each other. Each of dinosaur will have a baby.

How to spawn?
all of them will automatically spawn in your world. You can spawn them artificial way with spawn egg. You can also create new world with creative mode and find in inventory spawn eggs to spawn them.

How to tame?
baby dinosaurs you can tame if you feed them with apple, meat, wheat, or carrots,

How to mount dinosaurs?
Use saddle if you want to mount dinosaur. Not all of them can be mounted, but only: Achillobator, corythosaurus, tenontosaurus, Apatosaurus, lambeosaurus, edmontosaurus, iguanodon, albertosaurus.

below you will be able to find screenshots of some new mobs



Download yDino Craft for Minecraft PE 1.14-1.16+
DOWNLOAD: ydinodownload.mcaddon [6.36 Mb]

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