Aether Addon

Aether Addon will add new dimension, ores, mobs and even weapon. Aether dimension includes many islands where you will have a lot of explore. Addon will add 11 new blocks which will generated in new dimension. Also you can collect new ores and craft new swords to fight.

How to look Aether dimention you can find below on screenshot.
New entity will be also added. One of them will be neutral and second one will be hostile. Note that second one will be spawned only at night.
In aether dimension you will find new 2 different ores. Collect them, because it will be needed for crafting new cool swords.
new swords you can see belowchangelog:
  1. Added Aether Dragon
  2. Added Berry Bush
  3. Added Icestone Islands

download Aether Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: aetherv2.mcaddon [101.21 Kb]

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