Slendytubbies Add-on

Slendytubbies Add-on for Minecraft PE will add new mobs into your game. Addon will be based on popular computer game Slendytubbies. More then 20 mobs will be added into your game. They will spawn naturally around your world.

What the mobs will be added?

This will be neutral kind of mobs which never attack you first, they are not dangerous. You can even tame each of them and get good bodyguard, because tamable Teletubbies will defeat you and help to attack.Mobs will automatically spawned around your world. 

Tuby Custards
This is type of mob, which will be as teletubbies spawn around your world. They drop tubby custard item which you can use as a food or item to tame teletubbie.

Military teletubbies
Kind of mobs, spawn around your world. Never tough you first, until you attack them.

Dangerous and aggressive mobs, which are hostile towards you. 

Download addon for Minecraft PE 1.14
DOWNLOAD: slendytubbies-behaviorpack-v6_0.mcpack [524.61 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: slendytubbies-texturepack-v6_0.mcpack [5.96 Mb]

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