Creeper Friend Add-on

Creeper Friend Add-on will change creepers in your world. They will be your bodyguards and will protect you from hostile, angry monsters. At first you have to tame them, of course. The best in this addon is how they dress up. They will be in dark suits and wear dark glasses. I like how they look. They will be like a human being. 

How to tame creeper?

To make creeper your personal bodyguard you have to tame him. 
  • 1) take diamond in your hand
  • 2) come closer to Creeper
  • 3) press on the button TAME
  • 4) done!
Note, that you can tame unlimited amount of creepers and consequently can have many bodyguards as you wish.

How to breed creepers?
you have to feed two different creepers with carrot and they will make baby creeper. 


download Creeper Friend Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: friend_creeper_resource.mcpack [83.44 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: friend_creeper_behavior.mcpack [17.12 Kb]

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