World Animals Addon

World Animals Add-on adds many new animals into your game. You will see giraffe, zebras, penguins, seal and many other. In sum up addon includes over 40 different mobs. Some of them are hostile, but another mobs can be tamed and you can even mount them. 

over 40 animals will be added

How to tame?
every tameble mob you can tame with golden bone.
Which animals you can mount?
at first you have to tame animals and then you need equip him with saddle. Each animal has unique saddle. Look below.


Big cates
There are 7 mobs which derived from cats which can be mount. For example: lions, tigers, leopards, etc. 
Saddle recipe 
Saddle recipe below

and some another animals (can't mount)
  • new skins
  • bug fixes
  • new decorations

download World Animals Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16 
DOWNLOAD: worldanimal-behaviorpack-1.mcpack [1.43 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: worldanimal-texturepack.mcpack [2.17 Mb]

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IBRAHIM от 12 February 2021 18:17
good mod but i have seen the same thing on a lot of different websites so idk

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