Lance Furniture addon

Lance Furniture will add new furniture to your Minecraft PE. For example you will see: couch, TV, laptop, PC, microwave, toaster, shower, stove, table, chairs and many other modern element of interior. Some of the furniture will be working like microwave, toaster and coffee maker. Food after get ready in that furniture you can eat as well.

  • over 15 new furniture adds addon

Which furniture will be working? 
put raw beef in microwave and you will get juicy steak
Coffee maker
put cacao beans into coffee maker and after create a mug with one quartz mineral, put it to coffee maker. 
Make a sliced bread by using normal bread. Put sliced bread into toaster.
How to craft furniture?

Download Lance Furniture for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: lance-furniture-addon-behavior.mcpack [420.06 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: lance-furniture-addon-resource.mcpack [28.74 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: lance-furniture-addon-music.mcpack [32.32 Mb]

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