Dungeon Craft addon

Dungeon Craft addon will add a lot of new stuff such like weapon, biomes, entities, structures, blocks. The main feature of this addon is many cool mobs which will be added. For example: Ogre, magma skeleton, megaton creeper, dragon, dinosaur, worm and many other. They will spawn automatically around your world. 

Let's add over 50 new stuff into your game. Different mobs such like Ender Cow, Track Droid, Robo Drone,etc. Different bosses: Hector, Earth Guardian, Ogre King, etc. Do not afraid them, because you can fight them with new swords and hammers. Mobs will spawn automatically around new biomes. For example Crystal Biome, End Infection, Suburbs, etc.

How to get new blocks?
  • You can craft them in survival mode or take from inventory in creative mode

  • over 5 new biomes
  • new bosses
  • over 15 new mobs
  • new items and weapon
  • blocks!

screenshots you can see below
new creatures

New structures

new blocks
changelog v6:
  • new biomes, mobs, weapon, etc

download Dungeon Craft addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17
DOWNLOAD: dungeon-craft-v6_0.mcaddon [8.95 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: dungeon-craft-v3_0.mcaddon [1.06 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: dungeon-craft-behavior-2_3.mcpack [362.63 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: dungeon-craft-resources-2_3.mcpack [611.54 Kb]

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