Chiseled Me PE addon

Chiseled Me PE will add possibility to change size for your Steve. You can increase size or decrease. You can be very small or very huge. You can also change size for mobs. When you change your size for small one, you will have less health, attack power and speed. The size of changing is: from x2 to x128. 

How to change your size?
You have to find in the village villager who called Armorer. He can exchange you an egg to change your size. You have to pay with emeralds and diamonds. Tap on the egg and you will see if egg will increase your size or decrease and for how much.

How to change size for mob?
At first you have to use Pim particles to change mobs size. Go to village and find villager "Weapon Smith". You can buy Pim particles. 

you can use commands:
Pim particles that reduce:
/give @s pim_shrinker_essence_(increase)x
Pim particles that increase:
/give @s pim_big_essence_(increase)x

(increase) is a your number from 16 to 128. 

for example:
/give @s pim_big_essence_16x

You can make size not for all mobs, but only for:
  1. – Creeper
  2. – Zombie
  3. – Pig
  4. – Cow
  5. – Sheep
  6. – Wolf
download Chiseled Me PE for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: chiseled-me-addon-v2_2_0_1607157940.mcaddon [586.2 Kb]

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