Expansion+ Add-on

Expansion+ Add-on adds new mobs, weapon, ores, tools, blocks and structures and it adds in huge amounts. You can also add new dark mode option which makes look of your game more stylish. Many new structures will be added like palm trees, pytamids, dragon's cave, endermen storage rooms, etc

amount of new stuff:
  • 250 blocks
  • 100 tool
  • 50 weapon
  • 30 mobs
  • new GUI feature
  • 7 structures

Change generation of nature:

You will see another cave generation and another blocks in the cave. Some example: dimension in End include a lot of emerald and sapphire ore. Another example. Ice cave includes frozen stone. 

another screenshots from this addon

download Expansion+ Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: expansionaddon.mcaddon [25.69 Mb]
last version Minecraft BETA PE
last version Minecraft FULL PE 1.16.1

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