Fake Players Add-on

Fake Players Add-on for Minecraft PE will add to your game second player which will be your friend. He called Alex. New player will always follow you and attack your friends, so you will never feel yourself alone. The features of Alex is that hostile mobs will treat him as a real player and also he will behave as a real player, for example, run away from creepers and so on.

How to spawn Alex?

Create new world with creative mode and you need find right spawn egg in your inventory.  After spawn use gold nugget or an iron nugget to tame Alex and he will be always follow you.

Which behaviors will have Alex?
  • he will be able to open/close door
  • go in homes
  • attack mobs with you
  • ran away from creepers

DOWNLOAD Fake Players Add-on for MCPE 1.14/1.15/1.16
DOWNLOAD: fake-player-addon-resource-p.mcpack [54.7 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: fake-player-addon-behavior-p.mcpack [54.1 Kb]

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