Potopo: Plushies addon

Potopo: Plushies adds new soft toys into your Minecraft PE. They will be great for decoration your house or just for your collection. They are very easy to get. You can craft them or even buy special boxes in villager trader. Would you like to collect cute toys in your home and make your home comfortable? this addon is for you! 

How to make plushies?
  • Go to village and find a trader. You can buy toys by changing to diamond.
  • You can craft boxes to get the plushies. Craft recipes you will see below
Note! All plushies are in the box. You have to buy or craft the box and destroy it. Then it drops toys. 

how to craft?

How to buy it in trader? example of exchanging.
screenshots with toys you can find below

download Potopo: Plushies addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: potopo-plushies-behavior-pack.mcaddon [50.96 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: potopo-plushies-resource-pack.mcaddon [456.59 Kb]

last version Minecraft BETA PE
last version Minecraft FULL PE 1.16.201

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