Doggos Galore Add-On

Doggos Galore Add-On for Minecraft PE will add 13 type of dogs. From now you will be never alone, you will get best friend who will always follow you and fight with you. You will have big list of breeds to choose: Dalmatin, buldog, Husky, Chichuahua and so on. Addon can be used as for survival as for creative mode.

How to spawn dogs?
You can create new world with creative mode and find spawn eggs, but also you can try to find dogs around your world, because they will spawn automatically. 

How to tame dogs?
You need tame dogs with bones. After taming they will follow you and fight again hostile mobs

some screenshots of dogs

Download Doggos Galore Add-On for Minecraft PE 1.12 
DOWNLOAD: doggos-galore.mcaddon [777.75 Kb]


DOWNLOAD: doggos-galore-behaviors.mcpack [298.9 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: doggos-galore-resources.mcpack [552.12 Kb]

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