Wolves+ addon

Wolves+ adds many more than 20 wolves into your Minecraft PE. You can tame them and get great bodyguards. They will not only look different, but will have unique abilities. For example some wolf will be able to teleport, another will be able to heal you. New wolves will be spawned around your world. Addon adds a many new items. For example you can equip tamed dogs with protective armor, or you can heal your dog with special treat. Addon also adds bed for dog. 

  • new 20 dogs 
  • more than 15 new items
  • support the last MCPE version
below you can find all screenshots from this addon where you will see some wolves

download Wolves+ addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: wolves-plus-pugs-v2_0_4.mcaddon [36.76 Kb]

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