Cute Mob Model Addon

Cute Mob Model Addon adds girls from Japanese anime into your Minecraft PE. Are you not a fan of anime? do not worry. They will be really cool and cute. Some of them will be hostile, but some of them neutral. It adds many famous anime persons such like: Ghast sister, Booette, Bowsette, Rana, etc. Each of the girl will have some unique abilities, spawn location, health and damage. For example Ghast Sister will attack you ghast fireballs; Bowsette girl is neutral and you can tame her with red flowers.

How you can tame girls?
you can tame some anime girls. They will follow and protect you from enemies.
  • mobs Booette and Bowsette can be tamed with red and yellow flowers
  • more than 10 different girls will be added
  • two types: hostile and neutral

screenshots with girls you can find below

video review of this addon you will be able to find below

Download Cute Mob Model Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: cute-mob-model-addon-v1_16_200.mcaddon [2.46 Mb]

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