Addon Potopo: Furniture (BETA)

Potopo: Furniture (BETA) will add new furniture into your Minecraft PE. For example you can obtain: chair, fridge, bathroom, statues, mailbox, etc. Addon adds also lucky block. If you destroy it, you get new furniture randomly. All of them will perfect decorate any of your buildings and make them more comfortable. 

How to get furniture?
you can easily get furniture in survival mode. Create new world, set up survival mode and find furniture in your inventory

Loot box
it is the same as lucky block. If you destroy loot box than you get randomly furniture.
below you will be able to find some furniture

download Potopo: Furniture (BETA) for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: potopo-furniture-behavior.mcaddon [389.42 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: potopo-furniture-resource-pack.mcaddon [1.03 Mb]

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