How To Train Your Dragon Add-on

How To Train Your Dragon addon for Minecraft PE adds 9 new dragons, which different from each other. You will see 3 main types of dragons: Night Fury, Light Fury, Deadly Nadder. Dragon will be spawned automatically and randomly in your Overworld. They will attack ships and have 2 types of attack ( range and male ). Be prepared before battle with dragons.

Dragons can shoot fireball or use male attack. They also be mated with Cod/Salmon

you can also put a chest to tamed dragon and storage your stuff

How to tame and ride the dragons?

At first, you should come close to dragon and feed him fish. Taming change is really low If you want ride tamed dragon you need lead him and then sneak and click to make a sit. 

How to fly?
use saddle for dragon and you will be able to fly with dragon

Types of dragons:
1) Night Fury ( black color )

2) Light Fury (white color )
3) Deadly Nadder ( colorful )
4) Monstrous Nightmare

changelog v.2.1:
  • new dragons
  • new behaviors
remember about Turn on Experimental Gameplay

DOWNLOAD: howtotrainyourdragon-add-on.mcaddon [1.18 Mb]

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