World Border: The New Dimension

World Border: The New Dimension will add new dimension full of new blocks, mobs and weapon. All mobs will be spawned automatically around all your world. Be prepared to fight, because mostly new mobs will be hostile and dangerous. Most difficult boss called Original King. He makes you many troubles in battle with him. Note that he will have 2 stages. Use new powerful weapon to kill him. 

How to teleport into new dimension?
At first we have to create the teleport. First step. Dig the hole of on screenshot below,
fill it with water
last step to create the portal
place two blocks: magic barrier and magic block. By the way, you can get them by these commands:
  • Magic block: /give @s wb:block_magic_equipment
  • Magic barrier: /give @s wb:block_magic_barrier
finely just enter the portal, jump in it. You will see next dimension. 
as I wrote already addon adds a lot of new stuff: new swords, staff, mobs and bosses. 

Download World Border: The New Dimension for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: worldborder-v0_2_0-international-edition.mcaddon [7.83 Mb]

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