Better Jetpack Add-On

Better Jetpack Add-On will add 5 jetpacks. Some of them are very speed, another has great durability, etc. All of them are different. To fly on them you have to get the fuel. Jetpack will let you fly very quickly and never late to home. 

How to craft Jetpack?

1.Normal jetpack
speedy but with low durability
2.Advanced Jetpack
normal as speed as durability
3.Supreme Jetpack
great speed and durability is stronger than in previous
4.Rainbow Jetpack
normal durability and low speed
5.Pros Jetpack
the best jetpack, but you have to done 5 steps to create it.

How to fuel the Jetpack?
Bucket of Liquid Coal for Normal Jetpack
Bucket of Lava for Advanced Jetpack
Bucket of Ender Fuel for Supreme Jetpack
Bucket of Rainbow Fuel for Rainbow Jetpack
Golden Apple for Pros Jetpack
Bucket of Star Fuel for All Jetpacks
how use the fuel?

Download Better Jetpack Add-On for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: better-jetpack2.mcaddon [626.83 Kb]

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