Mo’Creatures Addon

Mo’Creatures Addon adds more than 20 different mobs into your Minecraft PE. Every mob will have something unique. For example: spawning place, health and damage level, skills, types, drop. Some of them are neutral and some of them are hostile. All of them will be spawn naturally in your game. Your survival becomes hard and dangerous, because amount of hostile mobs will increase. 

  • over 20 different mobs will be added
  • every mob is different
  • randomly and naturally spawning
  • every mob has something unique
  • support the last game version

screenshots with mobs you can see below

the addon based on famous mod from JAVA (computer) version of the game. It is great that we can play it for pocket edition.

download Mo’Creatures Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: mocreatures-behavior-pack.mcpack [917.54 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: mocreatures-resource-pack.mcpack [3.02 Mb]

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