The Mimic Addon

The Mimic Addon will add chest which can kill you. From the far away the chest looks like usual chest. But if you come closer it will open the moth and attack you. Not only the chest will be added. Addon includes over 5 new creatures. Each of them will be mutated when you come closer. 

List of the mobs:
  • mimik,
  • large mimik
  • barrel mimik,
  • golem mimik,
  • ender mimik

How to spawn?
  • /summon rpg:mimic
  • /summon rpg:mimic _large
  • /summon rpg:mimic_ender
  • /summon rpg:mimic_barrel
  • /summon rpg:mimic_golem

screenshots from the addon you will be able to find below

Download The Mimic Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: mimic-resource-pack.mcpack [80.07 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: mimic-behavior-pack.mcpack [39.8 Kb]

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