Mob Armor Addon

Mob Armor Addon will add over 10 armor. If you put on the armor you will look like a different mobs. For example: Creeper, Zombie, Drowned, Enderman, Slime, Shulker, Steve, etc. You will not change your look, but also get new ability. For example Steve armor will increase your life. Shulker armor helps us to spawn giant shield to attack enemies. The ability of the new armor can be really useful. You can have fun with your new look. 

how to get new armor?
  • in creative mode you can open your inventory and just find them 
  • in survival mode you can collect the resources and craft new armor

  • over 10 new armor
  • armor bring new ability or the item

now you can take a look on recipes for new armor and see mobs. Remember that if you put on yourself the new armor you will transform in the mob.

download Mob Armor Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: mob-armor-addon-v1_4.mcaddon [140.67 Kb]

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