Modern Blocks Add-on

Modern Blocks Add-on will add over 980 different blocks into your Minecraft PE. All of them can make much better your house decoration or decoration for another buildings. For example addon includes gifts, pictures, microwave, refrigerator. The biggest feature is 3d futnirutre block. You can also choose different colors, patterns and materials. With this mod you can realize your most biggest dream such like make cool interior in the house, make modern pool, factory etc. 

Road blocks
What the buildings without good road? Then you need road blocks. Decorate your road as from real street. All what you need is in this addon.

  • more than 980 blocks for decoration purposes
  • support the last game version
  • different Wallpapers
  • Road Blocks

How to get?
all blocks you can get from creative inventory

Look at the screenshots below. There you can see some of the blocks. 

Download Modern Blocks Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: modernblocks_behavior-v2.mcpack [1.16 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: modernblocks_resource-v2.mcpack [22.32 Mb]

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