More Tools Addon

More Tools Addon will add new items, blocks, weapon and armor. Addon is going to make your world more interesting place. You can get new sword, hoe, shovel, some food such like sandwich, cheese to restore hungry and much more. Just imigine that addon will add over 50 new items into your Minecraft PE. It is fantastic. Important to say that most items and blocks you can craft from different material such as emerald, quartz, lapis, etc. Some weapon will have own abilities like spell fire or ice. 

How to get new stuff?
  • if you are playing in survival mode you need to craft them
  • if you are playing in creative mode you need to find them in the inventory

What do you waiting for? Let's improve our Minecraft with bunch of new stuff.You can get more than 50 items, 20 weapon, 6 armor and even new food. It is huge amount of new stuff. Have fun!

All screenshots from the addon you will be able to find below

download More Tools Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: more-tools-addonbp-v1_4.mcpack [550.64 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: more-tools-addonrp-v1_4.mcpack [251.59 Kb]

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