Pokémon Clear Crystal addon

Pokémon Clear Crystal addon adds over 30 pokemon into your world. You can catch them with pokeball, tame, they will fight by your side and following you. You will see the most famous pomemon such like pikachu, evee, charizard, snorlax and many more. Do you like the cartoon? Then you have to check this addon out. You have to know that most pokemon will be spawned around your world naturally and randomly. Each of them has own spawning point. 

more than 30 pokemon

how to spawn?
most pokemon spawn automatically in your world

how to tame?
by feeding Friendship Berry

how to catch?
you can store pokemon by using pokeball. If you catch the pokemon with pokeball he will be stored in your inventory. In every moment you can make him spawn.

screenshots of the pokemons you can see below. Note that not all pokemons you can find on the screenshots below

download Pokémon Clear Crystal addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: pokemon-clear-crystal-v4-bp.mcpack [623.7 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: pokemon-clear-crystal-v4-rp.mcpack [1.96 Mb]

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