Road Builder & Rail Builder Add-On

Road Builder & Rail Builder Add-On adds new machines into your Minecraft PE. They help you to build roads, grass or railways. Machines you can find just around the world but before ride you need to fuel them. If you are playing in survival mode you can craft machines. Addon aimed to create awesome infrastructures and make your world much modern. 

you have to fuel your machine. What the materials you can read below. Just hold it in your hand and tap on the machine.

  • 3 different machines
  • 5 materials to build

Riding Mower
  • It makes grass
  • fuel with grass fuel

craft recipe for the machine
grass fuel recipe

Rail Builder
  • It makes rails for train. 
  • fuel with iron blocks

Road Builder
  • It builds 3 different roads
  • fuel with gold, iron or lapis blocks.

download Road Builder & Rail Builder Add-On for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: road_tractor_v4.mcaddon [794.64 Kb]

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