Wearable Cape Banners Addon

Wearable Cape Banners Addon for Minecraft PE adds new cape with different patter and color. You will have 2 ways to get new cape. You could find it everywhere in your world or you can due it in 25 different colours or pattern. Be noticed, that you could't play with this addon on server, because another players will not see your capes, but you could play with your friends on multiplayer game as well.

Where you can get your cape?

As I already mentioned, you can easy to get new cape just find it in your world. As on screenshot below. If you want get off your cape just sneak/shift and it will be removed.

You can due your cape and fill it with 25 different colours and pattern. 
The rules are simple: for example green due you will full your cape in green color

How to get pattern on your cape?
you should use different items

creeper skull creeper cape
  1. steve skull - steve cape
  2. shulker shell - shulker cape
  3. diamond sword - diamond cape 
  4. quartz -quartz cape
  5. black banner - black cape
  6. cake - cake cape
  7. golden pickaxe - golden cape

Download for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.10/1.11 +
DOWNLOAD: cape_addon.mcaddon [38.99 Kb]

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