Elemental Swords Addon (v17)

Elemental Swords Addon for Minecraft PE adds more then 13 new swords. Each of them is different. You will see swords such: saw knight sword, infinity knight sword, jump sword, air sword, etc. Some of them will have very big streng, but you will not able to walk, some of them super speed and slow falling or you can get big absorption. 

What will be added?

hasn't any specialty, but it will be important ingredient to craft another sword. 
you will have very speed weapon and also you will falling down very slow3) JUMP-SWORD
amazing sword for parkour map, because you will be able to jump very high4) SAW-KNIGHT-SWORD
very big strength but you will not be able to walk
you will have double power6) INFINITY-KNIGHT-SWORD
The most powerful weapon in this addon, you will get big speed, strength, resistance and absorption7) MASTER-SWORD
add one more line heart8) GALAXY-SWORD9) REAPER-SWORD
give you fire-resistance and it’s tier-110) AQUA-SWORD
you can breath under water11) END-SWORD
quick regeneration12) PHANTOM-STICK
you will have a magic to change next blocks:
  • lava -> obsidian
  • air -> wool
  • water -> ice
New elytra

  • new swords
  • bug fixes
  • new particles

Download Elemental Swords Addon for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: elemental-swords-r-v17.mcpack [1.93 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: elemental-swords-b-v17.mcpack [1.47 Mb]

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