Backpacks Add-on

Backpacks Add-on for Minecraft PE adds backpack where you can store all what you want. It is great idea if you have blocks or items, just create backpack, put these things in and ready for set off a trip. Note that you will choose between 3 different size: small, medium and big backpack.

How to craft backpack? 

below you see recipes for all sizes: small (9 slots), medium (15) and big (27)

How to wear/open backpack?
just try to come close as mach as you can and it will wear on your body automatically. To open it just drop it down and open.

How to lock/unock backpack?
tame the backpack with a tripwire hook. Then come to backpack, hold a tripwire hook and tap on the button. The same with closing it.

How to dye back pack?
just use any dye. Example recipe is below
How to destroy backpack?
just take as stick, come closer and tap on it. You will see special button for destroying.

Download Backpack addon for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13+
for Android 
DOWNLOAD: backpacks-1_0_8-android.mcaddon [3.86 Mb]
for Windows10
DOWNLOAD: backpacks-1_0_8-windows.mcaddon [4.69 Mb]
for Xbox

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