Download Minecraft PE Beta Android

Minecraft PE is updated and you can download this version in this article below. Mojang is trying to improve and upgrade the version and also fix many bugs/crashes. It is strongly recommended to take new updates, at least you will have new version without bugs or crashes. 

Developer: Mojang

What will new in Minecraft PE
Bug fixes:
  • Crashes / perfomance, general, gameplay, in user interface and for addons / scripting

What were added in previous versions?

New plants called Bamboo. You should try to find them in Jungles. They will help you bread pandas and for many crafts.
Pandas is new mobs. They are cute and really funny. You will see them mostly in jungle.
Pillager outpost is new structure which will spawn around your world. 
Bees will be new mobs. They are neutral, but if you will attack them, prepare to battle.
Honeycomb, honeyblocks, nestsm beehives, etc.

DOWNLOAD: download-minecraft-pe-1_15_0_56.apk [103.3 Mb]

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