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Minecraft PE for Android updated to download. Unfortunately nothing was added, but developer made important bug fixes in different categories of the game such as in gameplay, for mobs, in graphic, in world generation and fixed crashes. Below you can learn more about new version what what the changes you will see there.

What bugs will be fixed in v.
After plenty of new stuff were added in Minecraft version now developers work hard to eliminate the errors, bugs and crashes. For example many players faced problem with Fortune enchantment no longer works or Piglins do not flee from Zoglins. Now you do not see many of that bugs.

Amount of fixed bugs:
6 different category were fixed. The most amount of bugs was in gameplay and mobs category. Developers changed 8 errors in world generation,, 4 in graphic and 1 regarding crashes and user interface.

screenshots I will leave below

Buy Minecraft PE you can in google play 

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