Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Minecraft PE BETA version for Android you can download in this article. This version adds new hostile mob Piglin Brute.  He will be the safeguard for treasure in bastion remnants. He is pretty strong with golden axe. Mojang also fixed many bugs in gameplay, graphic. mobs and other games categories. 

What is new in Minecraft PE Beta version?

New mob Piglin Brute
  • you can find him in bastion remnants 
  • he will guard of treasure
  • he doesn't wear any armor and always hold gold axe in the hand
  • he drops golden axe (10% chance)
  • if he go to Overworld or End he mutates in zombified piglins.
screenshots of Piglin Brute below

Bug fixes:
Mojang fixed about 50 bugs which were ocurred in v.1.16 full version. Full list of bugs you can find here

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_1_16_20_50.apk [95.05 Mb]
last version Minecraft BETA PE
last version Minecraft FULL PE 1.16.101

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