Download Minecraft PE 1.16.40 RELEASE for Android

Minecraft PE 1.16.40 full version you can download here. In this release Mojang fixed 4 important bugs for different platforms: Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS and PlayStation. All bugs related to issues with accounts. That is why I underline that these bugs are really important and I highly recommend you to update the version.

  • full version, stable

All bugs or crashe you can share on official website of Mojang. Remember that you can also be involved in improving the game and make it better without bugs/crashes.  

  • Bugs related to accounts on Nintendo Switch
  • Bugs related to account linking on PlayStation 4
  • Issue with sign-in button on Android
  • Crashes on iOS

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.40.apk

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-16-40-02-x86.apk [101.75 Mb]

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Jr mishel moinson
Jr mishel moinson от 28 November 2020 13:11
Thank you bro this is the best mincarft

Thank thank 111111qq1111111111

JONH CLYDE от 24 December 2020 03:21
  1. THANK YOU bro this is the best mincarft
Dev от 3 January 2021 15:11
Very good and it's is very good

Jaycel12 от 30 January 2021 12:28
I love this game so I can download this
I'm not a robot promise

Jay bad
Jay bad от 4 February 2021 09:02
Thanks for this apk very thanks this
Prince от 8 February 2021 10:57

thanks for this app because it helps me for stress.
adrees от 9 February 2021 16:39
i want to install mods in my mincraft windows 10 edetoin

Joshuawilliams от 10 February 2021 05:58
Quote: Dev
Very good and it's is very good

Quote: Dev
Very good and it's is very good

Thanks for everything apk 
Lala от 11 February 2021 20:08
I love you  kissing_heart 
Wenneth tienzo
Wenneth tienzo от 17 February 2021 11:43
Very good....  Thanks

Devthapa от 8 June 2021 06:54
I love this game
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