Download Minecraft PE 1.16.101 RELEASE for Android

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.101 RELEASE for Android you can here. In this full version Mojang fixed only one bug. It related to unable players connect to Realm. A lot of them complained about this. All of them were playing on cellular date on Android or iOS. Now it is fixed. 

Do you want to share your bugs or issue to Mojang?
It is easy to do. Just open the official website and sign in. You will be able to report any you problems which you have noticed. I think that every of you often find on some issues in the game. You have a chance to fix it. It is important to improve the game and help our developers.

What were fixed in v.1.16.101?
Many players which playing in cellular date were not be able to connect to Realms. Somebody report this issue and now Mojang fixed it. Unfortunately you will not see any new stuff or fixed issue in this version. Mojang fixed only one. Hope in future it will be more.


DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-16-101-01-full.apk [122.77 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-16-101-01-free-skins.apk [122.66 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-16-101-01-x86-xbox.apk [132.29 Mb]

last version Minecraft BETA PE
last version Minecraft FULL PE 1.16.201

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Navjeet от 28 November 2020 05:58
Minecraft is very good game❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Crystian от 30 November 2020 11:40
Great works! Only waiting for new Cliffs version. 
OceanCenobi от 30 November 2020 11:42
Love second version with skins free. Good job guys! 
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