Terraria Bedrock addon

Terraria is one of the most famous game for mobile devices. Now you can integrate this game with Minecraft PE! Terraria Bedrock addon will add mobs, weapon, items, blocks and even biomes into your game. There are more than 10 axes: Copper Axe, Lead Axe, Hellstone Axe, etc. You will see more than 10 armor: gold, crimson, metorite, etc. You can get a lot of new weapons. For example Explosives include 3 types of the weapon: grendes, bomb and dynamite. 

The main feature of this addon is new texture pack. Creator would like to make real atmosphere of Terraria and you will feel it. Do not see that Terraria is not very popular anymore. The game still has a lot of fans. 

how to get new stuff?

create new world with creative mode and find all stuff in the inventory

screenshots from this addon you will be able to find below

download Terraria Bedrock addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: terraria-addon.mcaddon [8.52 Mb]

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