Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android right here. In this version was removed new mob glow squid. Mojang added this mob in previous version The reason of deleting is game crashing. A lot of players started to complain that the game is crashing very often.Sad but Mojang removed glow squid and all items related to him. 

Developer also fixed some bugs and another crashes. It is important to take this update. 

What is changed in v.
  • Mob glow squid was removed
  • you can't dye sign text any more
  • glowing item frames were removed

Bug Fixes 

Performance and Stability 
  • Crash caused by Sculk Sensor 
  • Crash caused by interactive with signs
  • Increased the time limit for some connection
New UI 
  • Changed new achievements screens 
  • Changed refreshing by invite screen 
 Character Creator 
  • character creator bugs
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-16-210-60.apk [114.38 Mb]

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SweetCraft88578 от 20 February 2021 11:52
AWWW😭, its not so fun anymore... all that helpful features are remove, hope it will add again or something 😔😔😔

Welp, you dont know what's the future disappointed 
Block gaming677
Block gaming677 от 22 February 2021 03:39
What? 😱 
why don't you remove the glow squid and glow item frame features
Pro от 25 February 2021 00:06
Don't Miss Out
Don't forget the New Beta Again 
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