Download Minecraft PE BETA version for Android

Download Minecraft PE BETA version for Android can in this article. Mojang added a lot of new plant blocks. They will be generated in Lush Caves. Unfortunately this cave doesn't exist yet but Mojang creates it soon. Now we can look and test all blocks in creative mode. Do not forget about enable "experimental feature" button in the start setting. 

Mojang also expanded the world by 64 blocks up and 64 blocks down. Now we can build and mine more wide. 

full changes:

What is added?
Mojang added over 10 different blocks. Some of them you can see below. They will not generate naturally yet but you can get them in creative mode. 

New blocks
  • Azalea Leaves
  • Flowered Azalea Leaves
  • Rooted Dirt
  • Moss
  • Hanging Roots
  • Spore Blossom
  • Glow Berries
  • Cave Vines
  • Big Dripleaf

What is that Lush cave?
This is new underground biome where you can find all new plants. This biome is still under creating by Mojang but developer already added it in computer version snapshot 21w10a. 

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-16-220-52.apk [118.02 Mb]

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