Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android you can find here. Finely Mojang added some new stuff such like structure, blocks and items. The biggest feature is called Amethyst Geodes. It is structure which can be found around your Overworld. In this structure will spawn many new blocks. For example Amethyst Clusters, Budding Amethyst, Amethyst Shards, etc. 

In this update you can see new item Spyglass. It is an instrument which let you zoom. It works like telescope. You can see something on very long distance. Another huge feature is that Axolotl will spawn naturally. It means that you can find this mob under the water!

some screenshots from this update you can see below

New block can be useful for decoration purposes

Amethyst Geodes
new structure can be spawn around your Overworld. The main new stuff in this update!

Amethyst bud
New crystals which can grow! They have 4 sizes from small to big.

Now this mob spawn under the water (in previous version it was added but not spawn)

new blocks

Awesome tool to zoom. It let you see on long distance.

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-0-50-beta.apk [120.9 Mb] DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-0-50-x86-.apk [133.84 Mb] DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-17-0-50-free-skins.apk [120.69 Mb]

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Nayphonenyihtut от 11 May 2021 09:44
Please my son really want's this update
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