Download Minecraft PE 1.17.10 FULL for Android

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.10 FULL for Android you can here. 

New Features:
  • Candles are now available in the game!
  • Can be placed in clusters up to four and lit using Flint & Steel
  • Put a Candle on a Cake and make a wish!
  • Candles can be crafted using a Honeycomb and String
  • Combine with dye on a crafting grid to craft different colored Candles
Potted Azaleas
  • Added potted Azalea and Flowering Azalea variants
  • Just place an Azalea in a Flower Pot!
Realms World Slots
  • Each Realm subscription now has three world upload slots
  • One world can be active at a time and Realms owners have the ability to switch the Realm's active world between the three world slots

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-10-full.apk [123.22 Mb]

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