Download Skyblock survival map

Original Skyblock for Minecraft PE is a survival map, where you will appear on small island with almost nothing and your mail goal is survive in that situation. You island will be very little, you will see one tree and a chest, where you will get some important items. I let you know that it will be very hard to play, because you will have a little amount of items, small island and around will be nothing. Carefully read chalanges and try to survive in this one of the most famous and coolest map for Minecraft.

Note also that you will have list of challenges to download below.

some of the screenshots from Skyblock map you will find below. 

Download Skyblock map for Minecraft PE 
DOWNLOAD: [176.58 Kb]

text document with challenges you will find below
DOWNLOAD: challenges-skyblock-pe.txt [1.53 Kb]

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