X-Ray Texture Pack

X-Ray texture pack makes finding gold, diamond or another rare ore very easy. When you turn on this addon, choose specific ore then another blocks will disappear. It will help you find your ore very fast. You can do the same with mobs, players or items. 

How turn on the addon?

1)Install addon
2)Find install option as on screenshot below

3)Click on the gear icon as on screenshot below4)Choose things what are you trying to find. You will see 20 different possibilities. For example see screenshots below

Then you will see only that blocks or mobs which you set up in setting. Another blocks will disappear and do not disturb you to find them.

download X-Ray Texture Pack for Minecraft PE 1.14-1.16 +
DOWNLOAD: x-ray-v1_8_2.mcpack [278.46 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: x-ray-v1_8_0.mcpack [275.65 Kb]

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